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Holly's Hope, Sharon Dgenova

True human goodness,

in all its purity and freedom,

can come to the fore

only when its recipient

has no power

milan kundera


If you ​cannot Adopt, foster.

If you cannot Foster, volunteer.

If you cannot Volunteer, donate.

If you cannot Donate, Educate & Network.

Everyone can do something to help save a life.


Animal welfare, Hollys Hope

for animals in need

Sharon DiGenova (Founder of Holly’s Hope)
Is a Lighting Designer and Production Stage Manager, whose career began - many years ago - in a Broadway touring house. She has worked in numerous production capacities in a multitude of disciplines, (theatre, opera, music, multi-media, and dance) touring internationally to more than 350 cities throughout North & South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Far East.

In January 2007, following a decade of touring with Canada’s internationally acclaimed dance company, Holy Body Tattoo, the company called it quits and Sharon adopted a dog named Holly Berry.  Over the next three years, the duo were inseparable; sharing great adventures, and touring the country - for work and play - ​​​​​in their sports car.  Singers, dancers, actors, and circus performers, were counted among Holly's friends. In December 2009, Holly Berry succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer. Soon after, Sharon found herself at Toronto Animal Services - on the CNE grounds where she had previously managed the band shell - making gifts of Holly’s things to shelter dogs in need.  She filled out an application, became a dog walker, volunteered at adopt-o-thons, took photos of pets with Santa, became involved with other rescue organizations, and in May 2012, launched a new company - Holly’s Hope.​ 

Sharon is utilizing her professional skills, in conjunction with scores of artists who generously donate their time and talent, to produce fundraising events  for animals in need. 

Holly’s Hope Is administered and operated entirely on a voluntary basis. Proceeds from fundraising initiatives directly benefit the animals.​​

HOLLY'S HOPE, founded In May 2012,  is a registered company whose purpose is to produce events which raise funds for, and awareness of, animals in need.
HOLLY’S HOPE is the namesake for Holly Berry, a big red Doberman who had a tough go of it through much of her life, eventually landing on a Doberman rescue site  at the age of eight, when her person  passed away.  Although Holly had a number of medical and emotional issues when she came into my life, she was quickly socialized, rehabilitated, and spent her next three years running, playing, making friends with people and animals big and small - finding love and joy in her life. She became my constant companion, traveling across Canada with me and teaching me more about myself and the world than I had learned in my previous 25 years of international touring. The times we spent together, were fun-filled, adventurous, and life changing.   I always say, “We saved each other”. HOLLY'S HOPE is her legacy.  Her company. Her gift to those who are still with us.
HOLLY'S HOPE inaugural event was held on June 14th, 2012.
Entitled RESCUE ME, this fundraiser benefited three animal welfare organizations in Ontario).

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